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Who Does the Family Caregiver Support Program Serve?

1. Family members or another individual who is an informal provider of in-home and community care to an individual 60 years of age or older, OR to a person of any age with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia.

2. Grandparents or other relatives, 55 years of age or older, who are providing care to a child 18 years of age and younger, OR to an adult, 19-59 years of age who has a physical or mental disability.

Family caregivers provide unpaid help to older adults who are living in the community and need assistance to continue living safely in their own homes. They include spouses, adult children, adult relatives, and friends.

These caregivers may provide assistance such as shopping, bathing, dressing, or preparing meals, or they might arrange for and oversee services such as home maintenance, paying bills, or other like services.

Though it is often rewarding, caregiving can be stressful – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Often, caregivers are seniors themselves.