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Although an individual community can apply for EPA funding on their own, there are distinct advantages in being a part of the Coalition:

1.  The UCPCOG has completed a variety of different type Phase I assessments, as well as amassed a varied knowledge base about the brownfields’ approach and its relationship to comprehensive economic development. The agency has carried out various brownfield related activities at the rural level, including grant activities and outreach efforts, for several years.  The agency’s efforts have also been complimented by the assistance of environmental engineers and other resources.  

2.  Of special note is the fact that in applying for an EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant, the UCPCOG is the responsible agency that EPA will turn to for all grant administration and accountability.  The coalition communities, although expected to assist the UCPCOG in information and outreach efforts, are not the responsible parties for the grant and thus are not responsible for grant preparation, grant administration or post grant accountability or reporting. 



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