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As a representative body from participating jurisdictions, the Coalition will be instrumental in identifying and assisting in implementing assessment grants and other brownfields program activities. The Coalition will also be able to expand in order to manage additional assessments, provide overall direction and guidance for the assessment phases, clean-up planning and activities and potential redevelopment opportunities for Brownfields.

The Coalition is composed of two committees:

1. A Steering Committee made up primarily of elected representatives, one from each jurisdiction in the Coalition, serves as the decision and policy making group. This committee determines direction and specific activities of the Coalition, including determination as to the properties to be addressed through assessment funds.

2. A Technical Coordinating Committee made up of one selected representative from each jurisdiction appointed by the Steering Committee and consisting of a town or jurisdiction staff member or a representative from the community. This committee recommends properties for assessment consideration to the Steering Committee. 

As needed, both committees use the expertise of Environmental Engineers, Economic Developers, Real-estate Professionals, Site Developers, Planners and Financial Professionals to provide advice in carrying out the brownfields program activities. In addition, the Coalition has a Community Outreach Strategy to insure involvement of residents and other groups or organizations in these activities.

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