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The Coalition’s jurisdictions are committed to overcoming the economic obstacles facing their rural communities.  Instead of abandoned properties, unusable buildings and potentially contaminated sites, coalition members envision better environments, and with the addition of the EPA Assessment Grants, the availability of the State Brownfields Program, ongoing brownfields coalition work effort, and members’ optimism and commitment, abandoned properties can ultimately be salvaged and public and private interests in redevelopment opportunities for these properties can be realized.  Local and regional economic development plans reinforce this commitment, and public and private development interests envision redevelopment opportunities for various properties.

As stressed in the UCPCOG’s successful 2011 EPA Communitywide Brownfields Assessment grant application, the region is a “major gateway corridor into and through NC”, and assessing and cleaning up abandoned industrial complexes and numerous other commercial brownfields properties along our gateway corridor areas is just good common sense, as well as appropriate economic rationale.  The region must address its blighted conditions and related issues facing its communities, neighborhoods, and rural areas.  By so doing a better appearance and image of the region as a gateway into and through NC is envisioned.  With collaborative efforts among many local governments, Federal and State resources, public and private involvement, and interests of individuals who desire to make this a better place for themselves and their families, the region can not only envision, but will realize through the brownfields program and subsequent redevelopment and reuse opportunities the clean-up of brownfields in our communities, neighborhoods, and rural areas.  

Although not an easy task and also dependent upon a variety of local and outside resources complimented by strong local commitment, these worthwhile efforts will ultimately result in economic and other benefits for the entire region.  Visitors along our gateway corridor areas will stay longer and spend more. Some may even desire to move to our area.  New and relocating businesses and/or industries will find our corridor areas attractive with viable, recycled buildings and sites planned and designed to accommodate their needs and uses without the need to build expensive new structures or install new extensive infrastructure.  Our populations will live in safe rural, neighborhood, and community areas free from man-made conditions that have created unhealthy environments. 

As the UCPCOG Brownfields Coalition Partnership expands to accommodate additional brownfield properties and undertake the daunting task to assess, clean-up, and promote redevelopment opportunities for brownfields along our gateway corridor areas, efforts will intensify as many more resources must be assembled, outreach programs increased, public/private collaborations developed, and a long term commitment undertaken.

The UCPCOG Communitywide Brownfields Assessment Program also offers tremendous benefit opportunities for redevelopment or marketing activities that may already be underway or proposed within the UCPCOG region.  Use of the UCPCOG Communitywide Brownfields Assessment Program provides a valuable resource to help move commercial and industrial properties.  The program can also be of assistance to small business centers working with clients, as well as real estate attorneys, realtors, or commercial bankers needing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in order to sell or reach closure regarding a particular commercial or industrial property. 

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