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The Planning and Development Services Department (PDS) provides a variety of planning, community and economic development, grant writing and administration, and computer mapping services to its member local governments.


  • Planning Services: land use, ordinances, flood plain management, annexation, extraterritorial jurisdiction, board training, strategic planning, and related.


  • Developing Plans: Comprehensive Land Development Plans; Solid Waste Management Plans; Capital Improvement Programs; Comprehensive Economic Development Plans; Hazard Mitigation Plans; and related.


  • Geographic Information System (GIS): computer mapping and data system services to assist public policy makers with many applications, including: redistricting; public facility locations, floodplain, utilities, and mapping.


  • Community & Economic Development Grants: write and administer grants for communities and the region through a variety of state and federal funding sources for the following: utilities, neighborhoods, business development, parks, environmental, brownfields, redevelopment, and strategic planning of economic development.