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The Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments (UCPCOG) represents a collective endeavor spanning five dynamic counties in North Carolina—Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash, Northampton, and Wilson. Established as part of 16 regional councils formed across the state in 1971, the UCPCOG serves as an economic linchpin, fostering regional cooperation and driving developmental initiatives across its diverse landscape.  The UCPCOG ranks ninth in land mass encompassing 2,707 square miles in the five counties.

In the heart of this region lies a population rich in diversity and ambition. Edgecombe County, with its 48,900 residents, and Halifax County, home to 48,622 people, showcase a blend of rural charm and growing industrial potential. Nash County stands as the most populous with 94,970 inhabitants, thriving in both agricultural and manufacturing sectors, while Northampton's 17,471 citizens uphold a proud heritage of resilience and community spirit. Wilson County rounds out the quintet with 78,784 people, where a burgeoning economy meets small-town warmth. 

The economic tapestry of the UCPCOG region is vibrant and varied, with each county contributing its unique strengths to the whole. Manufacturing, education, healthcare, and agriculture form the backbone of the regional economy, providing a wide range of employment opportunities for its citizens. From the advanced manufacturing facilities to the expansive farmlands, from the bustling healthcare centers to the innovative educational institutions, the region's major employment sectors underscore a commitment to economic diversity and adaptability. 

The median household incomes, while reflective of the broader economic challenges, also tell a story of untapped potential and growth. Edgecombe and Halifax Counties share a median income of $37,832, illustrating the ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of life for their residents. Nash County boasts a higher median at $56,560, indicative of its strong economic drivers and investment in workforce development. Northampton County's median income stands at $39,764, and Wilson County at $47,201, both poised for growth as strategic economic plans unfold. 

The UCPCOG is not just an economic entity; it is a region pulsing with cultural vitality, natural beauty, and a shared vision for the future. The Council's comprehensive strategy embraces resilience and inclusivity, seeking to leverage geographic advantages, enhance infrastructure, and cultivate a workforce that is equipped for the demands of the modern economy. Through strategic partnerships, policy innovation, and the pursuit of equitable prosperity, the UCPCOG is forging a path toward a future where every community thrives and every resident has the opportunity to succeed.