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UCPCOG Announces Detailed Study On Local Healthy Food Access, Food System, and Recommendations For Improvement

The Healthy Food Access Mapping Project (Healthy FAM) creates deep transparency into the Upper Coastal Plain region's local, healthy food systems.  

Thanks to generous support from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, over 40 stakeholder organizations engaged with 6 lead entities to gather unprecedented input from 400+ people in the Upper Coastal Plain Region.  Input was combined with data to analyze and assess the region's local healthy food system and make over 65 recommendations in the areas of Access, Community Development & Planning, Community Gardens & Land-use & Urban Agriculture, Farms, Finance, Institutional Purchasing, and more. 

On the Healthy FAM project webpage, you will find a Project Summary presentation, a “deep dive” story board, the detailed Healthy FAM Assessment Report, a Food System Map, and an opportunity to submit further information.  Work shows known assets in the region from fresh food growers, distributors, processors, outlets, business consumers and more.  Key health and economic information is also included.  Information is intended to be leveraged by anyone wanting to further study, improve, and/or develop the local, healthy food system in an equitable and sustainable way.