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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2022

Upper Coastal Plain CEDS 2023-2027

CEDS Cover Page

The primary purpose of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is to provide a comprehensive, performance-based strategy to strengthen the region. The process includes an analysis of the region’s economy, established plans, area challenges & opportunities, with strategies and tactics for moving the region forward.

The Upper Coastal Plain CEDS 2023-2027 is designed to identify both regional and local priorities for economic, community and human development. It strives to take a holistic approach, recognizing that the many complex issues and systems are interconnected and reliant upon each other.  The success of this strategy relies on informed stakeholder input, key baseline data and facts, and partnership action on implementation. Working together as a region on these agreed upon strategies and actions will result in a more resilient, thriving, equitable economy and community.

Every 5 years, UCPCOG fully updates this strategic plan for the region. The
CEDS is a locally based, regionally-driven economic development process and document that engages community leaders, private sector partners, and other stakeholders in planning and acting for the future. The process is designed to identify locally-grown strategies that will guide regional economic development, encourage partnerships and collaboration, and improve economic outcomes and overall quality of life in the region. Included in this plan is a summary of the economic conditions of the region, an analysis of regional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (commonly known as a “SWOT” analysis), an action plan, and an evaluation framework to monitor performance and the CEDS’ impact on the regional economy. Economic resilience — or the ability to prevent, withstand, and quickly recover from major disruptions to the economic base — is also a key component of the CEDS.

Primary Visions
Annual Update

Each year, UCPCOG produces a CEDS Annual Update to report on implementation activities from the previous Federal Fiscal Year (10/1 - 9/30.  The 2022 Annual Update is based on the region's previous CEDS (CEDS 2022).  Click on the cover page below to view the CEDS 2022 Annual Update:
annual update 2022 cover page

CEDS COVID-19 Addendum 

On January 19, 2021, the UCPCOG Board of Directors, acting in their role as CEDS Advisory Committee, adopted this CEDS COVID-19 Addendum.