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The goal of Planning & Development Services Department (PDS)
as a whole is to comprehensively plan for the economic growth of the Region, but generally focus is on the facilitation and administration of infrastructure, especially water, wastewater, and other community development projects.  PDS’s work is supported by grants and contracts for specific local and regional initiatives.  

Improve our region by providing planning, economic, and community development services to member governments and allies at the local and regional levels. 

Disciplines include drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure, data management, land-use planning, environmental planning, energy infrastructure, parks and recreation development, grant writing and administration technical assistance, affordable and workforce housing, regional food system planning, program facilitation, and more.   

PDS supports project development and administration, including grant writing and grant administration, with a focus in the following areas: 

Affordable and Workforce Housing Development 

Economic Development  

American Rescue Plan Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Administration 

Food System Planning and Development

Broadband Planning 

GIS Mapping 

Clean Energy 

Parks and Recreation Planning and Development 

Data Management

Stormwater Infrastructure  

Digital Inclusion Planning 

Strategic Planning and Facilitation 

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery


Drinking Water Infrastructure 

Wastewater/Clean Water Infrastructure 

And more!


Please contact us about your opportunities and needs.  PDS is always working to bring new resources and opportunity to the region.  PDS staff are well-equipped to assist with any federal, state, local, or private/foundational funding opportunity for a multitude of projects with local or regional impacts.