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Loan Programs

Loan Programs

The UPPER COASTAL PLAIN COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION are pleased to offer a loan program to create and mainting employment in Edgecombe, HalifaxNashNorthampton, and Wilson Counties. The primary purpose of this fund is to stimulate private investment and leverage additional funds and resources through partnerships with other lending, grant and technical assistance institutions. We provide convenient, affordable, and flexible access to capital for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and other eligible entities working to start, expand and/or sustain a business. 

Loans will not ordinarily be made in an amount less than $20,000 or greater than $150,000 to any one entity or company within one year.  Generally, the RLF investment will be the lesser of 33% of the total project cost or $150,000.  We can work with your local bank or provide references to other lending partners to help meet other borrowing needs.

Credit Not Otherwise Available: Applicant must demonstrate hat credit is not otherwise available on terms and conditions that permit the completion or successful operation of the activity to be financed.

COST PER JOB: UCPCOG has a goal of one job per $20,000 invested.  This is required for the loan portfolio as a whole, and not necessarily for each individual loan.


Technical assistance is also offered to persons interested in starting or expanding a business in conjunction with a loan request. Services include assistance with business planning, financial projections, and marketing plan development.

For additional information contact:

Ron Townley, Acting Loan Officer