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Locomotive Train EngineEconomic growth depends on supporting infrastructure.  Transportation, utilities, energy, and data transmission are the life blood economic prosperity. 

Similarly, water quality, passive and active recreation, and educational opportunity provide fundamental building blocks to quality of life as well as business retention and attraction. 

The Upper Coastal Plain region has adopted a revised plan for sustainable, resilient and responsible growth known as the Community Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  A central principle of the CEDS is Infrastructure:

GOAL 2:  Establish & Maintain a Robust Infrastructure
To remain competitive in the global economy, the revitalization and improvement of the region’s infrastructure assets is a priority.  Infrastructure investments can have long-term economic benefits and short-term job creation benefits that exceed the investments made. 7 Businesses, entrepreneurs and residents make use of well-coordinated and robust regional transportation, water/sewer, broadband, energy and natural “green” infrastructure such as parks, greenways, and public spaces.

Moving goods and information efficiently are vital to accessing markets, moving workers, and maintaining cost-competitive production of products and services. Providing productive workplaces, with state of the art broadband, the most energy-efficient buildings, and high-quality amenities will ensure that the Upper Coastal Plain region can continue to compete in the global market place.

For additional information contact Ron Townley (252) 234-5965 or rtownley@ucpcog.org