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Land Use & Zoning Services

Planning and Development Services (PDS) provide traditional planning and land use services to our local member governments.  We offer technical assistance associated with land use planning and zoning administration expertise in the five-county region.  Typically, this assistance involves the smaller municipalities that have limited staff and resources, but services are available to all member governments. 

This work can include the development and/or update of land use ordinances like Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, Flood Prevention Ordinances, and other associated codes.  Other services include the development of various plans such as a Comprehensive Plan, Land Use Plan, and Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan. 

Staff is also available for consultation and technical recommendations including assisting localities with specific cases involving rezoning requests, annexations, and assistance with project review and approvals or private sector consultant evaluation and selection.

For more information contact Ron Townley at 252-234-5965 or email at rtownley@ucpcog.org.