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Land Use Planning

Planning and Development Services (PDS) provides professional Planning, Zoning and Land Use expertise. Staff have traditionally provided these services to our local member governments directly on a contract basis.  This assistance usually involves smaller municipalities with limited staff and resources. 

Due to a demand for both local and regional project services, PDS assures members continue to have access to professional planning services when staff members are otherwise not available.  For specific land use inquiries PDS staff is generally available for consultations and targeted technical assistance.  But, as of July 2020 member governments can utilize On-Call Planning Consultant Services selected through a rigorous RFQ process undertaken by the UCPCOG.  Member governments may utilize the resources on this page as proof of the Qualification Based Selection (QBS) process or contact the PDS department for more information.

On-Call Planning Consulting Services
Click here to view the full On-Call Planning Services memo to member governments. 

As of 22 July 2020, the Planning and Development Services Department is pleased to announce expanded services to member governments through new partnerships with Stewart, Inc. as well as with CodeWright Planners, LLC in association with the Timmons Group, Both&Planning, and the Brough Law Firm. 

Selected firms exemplify expertise in one or more of the following areas: 
  • Long-range planning (e.g., updates of community Comprehensive Plan, Site-Specific Master Planning/Design, corridor studies).
  • Current Planning (e.g. interpretations of existing zoning ordinances, code enforcement assistance).
  • Regulatory Amendments (e.g., updates and amendments to Zoning Ordinances, Subdivision Ordinances, UDOs, and amending land use regulations as required by NCGS Chapter 160D).

Because UCPCOG is an extension of our local member governments by NC Statute and has completed this RFQ and selection process, members can negotiate and contract directly with these firms without going through an RFQ or RFP process of your own.  PDS staff are happy to make introductions and be part of helping you launch projects with our partners. 

CodeWright Planners Description

Stewart Description

160D Resources
The UNC School of Government has new Chapter 160D resources available!  This is the new statute reorganizing and modernizing development regulation statutes.

Online Training Modules
The School produced a series of short training modules (online videos) to give an overview of the specific changes in Chapter 160D. Module topics include Comprehensive Plan Requirement, Legislative Land Use Decisions, Administrative Land Use Decisions, Judicial Review, and more. 

Other resources posted online include a checklist of changes required for local ordinances, an update to the annotated bill, cross-over charts to compare Chapter 160D to the old statutes, and more.