Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments is a lead planning organization comprising five (5) county governments and thirty-nine (39) municipal governments who hold membership in the UCPCOG. Working under the direction of locally elected officials of these member governments, the staff plans and administers a variety of federal, state and local programs and services. Monthly meetings are forums where officials determine priorities for the region of which their communities are integral parts.

Members of the Regional Council receive many benefits including:

  • A regional forum addressing concerns affecting everyone and for developing a cooperative effort to solve the problems and improve the quality of life for all the region’s citizens;
  • Work through a single agency which enables more effective utilization and administration of federal, state and local grant funds, as well as, private funding;
  • Avoid duplication of efforts and better coordinate services;
  • Promote cooperation between the public and private sectors;
  • Professional technical assistance and advice from qualified staff in various areas.

To assist you in the development and administration of these programs are Advisory Councils appointed by each County Board of Commissioners. The Workforce Development Department receives authority from the Workforce Development Board. The Area Agency on Aging has the following advisory councils: Regional Aging Advisory Council; Regional Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee; Regional Domiciliary Home Community Advisory Committee; and the Senior Tarheel Legislators. All of these groups along with our professional staff will assist you with making important decisions on the delivery of services in these program areas.



Comprehensive Economic Development Survey


Improving Economic Conditions in the Upper Coastal Plain Region We encourage you to participate in an online SURVEY to help identify and propose solutions for economic development challenges and opportunities for the Upper Coastal Plain Region.
The Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments / Economic Development District is beginning the update process for the region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy “CEDS”. Input from this survey will assist in creating an economic development roadmap for our region. The CEDS is a five-year planning document and is a tool to help us capitalize on our strengths and work to overcome weaknesses, creating a more viable and prosperous region. It also presents opportunities to request grants to assist with infrastructure, brownfields, and other economic development projects from EDA and other Federal agencies.
Please participate in the process by taking this 15-20 minute survey by May 5, 2017. Please forward the survey to at least three (3) others that will take the survey. Your input will help us understand what is most important to local residents, leaders and business owners in Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash, Northampton, and Wilson Counties. Thank you for your time and participation in this regional economic development strategy process.








Employment Application